Stripes - All Out War [Official Video] / by Cameron Barke

Stripes - All Out War [Official Video]

GateKeeper is coming soon...

Artist: Stripes
Cinematography: Tiburon Films Inc
Production: Rhyme Asylum
Editing: Stripes/Steve Van Diest

I just stayed up 24 hours straight to get this video out....

A few other really late nights went into the making of this production. I am very happy how everything turned out - looks dope! (I hope you feel the same).

I have been working extremely hard on bringing the best product to the marketplace with my "Gatekeeper" project - sit tight, it is coming...
(I feel like this is Edmonton's "Detox" or something because of how many times I say this... lol)

In the meantime, you have this newest visual from me to tie you over, as well check out all my other visuals from these past 10 or so months. Click right here to give them a look!

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