DoomSquad Monthly Cypher - ft BrothersGrim / by Cameron Barke

New DoomSquad Cypher - August 2014

Well, the big homies Doomsquad are back at it again with another rendition of their monthly cypher series. You can check out more of them right here.

There's not too much to say about this, the music speaks for itself. It's dope to see my old crew back together again lacing tracks together... 

In case you don't know

Doomsquad consists of Trippz, 9Livez, Kryple - the crew was formed to keep the memory of the late Blacklisted alive, among other reasons. (rip)

BrothersGrim consists of real life brothers Komrade & Pat Grim. 

Along with Pilzbury, Sonik, K-BlitzHabe, & myself (Stripes), these two crews were apart of the late Edmonton/Western Canadian supergroup GrimEmpire. (rip) haha

If you ever hear any artist in the city of Edmonton refer to "Fallen Empire" or "The Fallen Empire," they are talking about the separation of the powerful, yet short lived group! 

The last time these 5 have been on the same track together was over 2 years ago on one of the "Future Volume" mixtapes. If you are interested in hearing what it sounded like, click this link RIGHT HERE to check it out! 
Big congrats to Kryple who is on a Canadian wide tour for the month of September with Merkules. We all wish him the best of success. 

Fresh off a music festival in Illadelph, I want to give a shoutout to BrothersGrim on taking the bull by the horns, and offering show promotions.

Both of these crews are on the forefront of the Canadian music industry, and we are all looking forward to what they bring to the table. 

If anyone is wondering about me, all I can say is, The Gatekeeper is coming...