Edmonton HipHop Beef / by Cameron Barke

Edmonton HipHop Beef

Cursive vs Deffine - Rome Angel - Sonik - Troublez & more....

It seems Edmonton HipHop is picking up a little excitement these past few weeks... 
We got a beef ladies and gentleman! 

I first want to state I am neutral the either parties, this is strictly an unbiased recap of everything that is going down with the Cursive vs THE ENTIRE YEG HIPHOP SCENE saga... Sonik, Deffine, Troublez, Rome... and I think the list goes on.

I honestly do not know what Cursive did to bring this down on him, I am not personally in the loop with everything that has transpired leading up to this. 
I have a few inclinations as to what happened, but it is neither the time nor my place to air any of them out. 

The purpose of this post is to keep you up to speed as to what is happening with these events in case you missed any of the action. 

Lets Begin! 

ROUND 1: Deffine Kicks It Off

ROUND 1: Cursive Responds


For myself, Deffine came hardbody on the initial diss. It was a solid record all around as far as a diss joint goes. Deffine uses skits, personals, and solid bars to kick it off.

Where Cursive wins points with me, the photoshop image of Deffine, CRACKED ME UP - he won points right off the top with that! Im looking at it right now, and laughing. 
He also wins points with me coming back the next day with his response. 

ROUND 2: Deffine Strikes Again

ROUND 2: Sonik & Rome Angel Go In

ROUND 2: Cursive Responds 

ROUND 2 - Recap

Deffine came with that photoshop image of Cursive, and I nearly lost it... 
It took what Cursive did, and one up'd it - which was hilarious. Completely crack up! I first saw it and didn't believe it... I was drinking water, and spit it up - thinking to myself "woooo" 
Deffine wins points with that one. 

If you are unaware, Cursive had an emergency surgery a day or so after he released his Round 1 diss back to Deffine. I am not certain exactly what happened, but one of his lungs collapsed... 
Hence the name of Deffines diss "Till Your Lungs Collapse" I hope homie is legit alright, and his lungs are working/surgery went well. Never want anyone to get hurt/injured. Health is always #1. 
Regardless of hiphop beef, I never want to see anyone get physically injured. 

In between responses, there was a barrage of memes created of a picture Cursive posted on his instagram, that got flipped against him of him on a hospital bed.

Deffine had Troublez of Pysch Ward Kids on the track as well. I guess that crew has a beef they wanted to air out, and took the opportunity to do so with Deffine.

In comes Sonik/Rome. 
At the end of Cursive's first joint, he says something about Soniks first born daughter - this is the reasoning behind Sonik's diss track. 
As for Rome Angel going in, I have no idea where that comes from... 

The skit for Sonik/Romes track had be cracking up. It was almost too much. 

Cursive came back with an almost Dizaster vs Arcane response, where Dizaster pulls out the papers saying Arcane purchased his bars from Caustic...
Cursive screenshot text messages between him and Deffine. 

I still do not know what to make of this, does it negate everything Deffine has said, or does it make Cursive look like he gave up and went that route. 

Once again, this is an unbiased review of what is going on. I am neutral to both parties and am merely putting this beef all in one place. 

Who do you think is ahead/winning?
What do you think of this beef, is it a good spark to the scene?! 
Will Cursive come back with another track to rebuttal Sonik/Rome?! 

I guess time will only tell....