Stripes - Banana Street [Teaser] / by Cameron Barke

Stripes - Banana Street - Teaser

I have been working hard these past weeks, on both my upcoming "Gatekeeper" project (full length LP), as well I am creating my own city!
Apparently I am building a list of roads, if you have not noticed, and they are in the form of 2:00 minute long videos. (If you are curious as to what the rest of my city looks like, click here)

Set to release July 13/2014 - you will be exclusively able to travel along "Banana Street."

I believe the promo video above speaks for itself......
I will end it like this - I look forward to releasing what I am bringing to the table, and I thank you all for your continued support. 

Stay tuned. 

As well, feel free to share the above video/this blog post/or the photo below to help create a buzz for what I am about to drop. 
All I can tell you, is that this next video is something very different - I think you will enjoy.