Squad Tour Edmonton - Recap / by Cameron Barke

KOTD Squad Tour - Edmonton - Recap

The event was dope! Everything went down without a hitch, other than Double A knocking over the lights at the end...... (awkward)...

The big homie Kryple of Doomsquad held it down and really did a great job organizing this event.  Big shoutout to Papa Phill, Greg Wright, and the whole crew over at The Studio Music Foundation.
There are too many names to name to thank for bringing this to the city, but you know who you are, so thank-you. 

Every battler came correct, prepared, and put on a good show for the audience. There was not one battler who I would say had a faulty performance... a few slips here and there, and overall an A+ all around.

For myself, the battler of the night goes to the big homie Sly! I think it is safe to say that he was an underdog on the card, but came correct - impressed not only the judges, but won the fans over as well.

There was also an 8 man freestyle battle to kick the night off, and the winner got to face Charron, which in my opinion is a loss waiting to happen, for Charron could arguably be named the top freestyle battler globally right now...? I have no idea who faced him, but I heard they got eaten up! 

On-top of that, Scott Jackson, one of Canadas' premier beatboxers blessed us with his presence on stage as well. 

It was really great to see the city come together to support the community, more specifically to support the Canadian battle scene out west. KOTD is the premier battling stage currently in the world; hosting events that bring thousands in attendance in larger markets. Out in the prairies/mid-western provinces, the draws aren't as large - but they are impactful, and Friday night proved it. 

It was also really awesome to catch up with the big homie Gully TK, and of course dope seeing Organik. From having conversations with them, I know that the entire squad takes what they do very seriously, and we all wish them the very best out here in Edmonton as they continue to tour the country and spread their brand.
It is truly a grassroots movement that started in a fields/alleyways/parking lots - and has grown to viewership in the millions. I want to give a quick congrats to them for the achievements they have made thus far. 

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