Dizaster Punches Math Hoffa / by Cameron Barke

Dizaster Punches Math Hoffa @ BOLA5

If you are a fan of battle rap, I am most definitely certain you will know who Math Hoffa & Dizaster are.
Arguably the upper echelon of emcees in the battle rap community.
(I said arguably b/c diz is on his decline).

If you are unaware of the history here, I will briefly fill you in:

  1. Math Hoffa sucker punched an emcee he was battling named "Dose." Circa 2007 (roughly).
  2. A few years pass, and now he sucker punches legendary battle rapper "Serius Jones" @ URLs Summer Madness 3 in summer/fall 2013.
  3. While all of this transpired, Math and Diz were smack talking eachother. Sending threats that when they battled, Diz wouldn't hit him... etc etc.

So, now that you know the gist of the situation/background, let's dive into what transpired afterwards, and the ramifications of such actions.

It has always been almost a "no-no" or "taboo" to have physical contact during a rap battle.

Personally, I remember coming up in a time where even if you bumped the guy on his chest, you were disqualified... Main reason being, sometimes these battles get very personal, and anger/emotions may at times get the best of someone - and what may finally trigger a violent retaliation is a bump on the chest/tap on the shoulder/arm around the neck/yelling in ears/getting WAY to personal up in the grill... etc.

With all that being said, over a period of time, it has become acceptable for people to start touching each-other, for whatever reason, during battles. 
ie: pocket checks, Daylit to Pesci, Arcane boob grab... list goes on. 

It has now turned into a case, where it seems, violence on stage has now become accepted!

If you want to fight, do it in the back alley on your own time. 
If you want to battle, do it on stage in the proper setting. 
Mixing the two is a bad look for the sport to gain international mainstream buzz & advancing the scene as a whole. 

Take UFC for example - when it was abunch of mooks fighting eachother with no rules - they had no money/no fans/no following - take the primitive days of the UFC and polish it to a professional level with rules/weight classes etc... You have now built an empire.

These fights that are happening in the scene are hurting the chances of this industry to really make that mainstream media push.

Take for instance the Total Slaughter Event that is coming:


"Just had a potential sponsor cancel a meeting that I've been trying to set for months. Sure it won't be the last sponsor 2 do that this week"

This is Dizasters response via twitter, so far publicized, regarding the incident:


“I squared off with math and dropped him after all the commotion, if he lies his bitch......i fired on him he fell &i landed a gang of punches...Somone has the footage i fucked his ass up nobody was helping me....they saw that shit pussy ass bitchea..,he fuckin dared me i aint a bitch...Footage will come soon i fuckin dropped him and pounded him on the floor solo on everything i love...Hes been doin this to me for 3 years , im sorry i cudnt take it anymore he mentally fucked with me for years...He kept saying u wont do shit i dare u i dare u..,fuck u then u win some u lose some…”

What are your thoughts on the incident? Was it necessary? Is this a good look or a bad look for the league in general? How does this affect each battlers career? Is it positive or negative? 

Leave your responses in the comment section below! I would like to hear from you!