Apathy June 20 - [review] / by Cameron Barke

Apathy - Live in Yeg - June 20 - Review.

The show was MAD hype.
Great to be back in the circuit, seeing the heads in the crowd!
(since being on my trip, that was one thing I missed about being home).

I personally grew up listening to Apathy. My favorite joint back in the day was "Checkmate" - that was actually one of the songs that caused me to start rapping to be honest. 

I remember listening to that song, and just thinking how crazy it was someone could create such a dope track, about playing chess. (go figure).

Anyway, the show was awesome. Ap/Celph have been in Edmonton a few times, but the last time he was in - the promoter at the venue screwed everyone over, especially Ap/Celph, and they rocked a show with a Bruno Mars after party happening around them! LAME.

Apathy is a really dope, down to earth kind of dude, who really appreciates his fans. He stuck around after the show, and kicked it - which is rare to see these days.... 

The openers for this show, did a great job as well. 
It was a good turn out all in all, I hope you enjoy the little video I put together above, as well as the images below:
(photo/video credits to Nathan Reid)

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