Mr.Mac - LeeAns Sxn / by Cameron Barke

I know I haven't been posting these past couple weeks. 
I actually broke my ankle, and it has given me such trouble - literally spending so much time out of the studio/lab/booth/officespace etc... and spending it literally sitting in waiting rooms at doctor offices. (shoot me in the face!)

I've been 2 months stuck in a cast, it's literally going to be the end of me... 

Regardless of that, this past month has been a wild adventure. 
More dope music coming -
Ps: the big homie Apathy from AOTP was in town last night, and I was privileged enough to meet up with him! 
I will put up that story tomorrow (so stay tuned).

But for now, I want to take the story back to one of my buddies:
My friend Mr.Mac has been going HAM these past couple weeks.

Check out the new Mixtape of his named "LeeAns Son" 
I'll give you the link to where you can pick up the album by clicking on the image at the bottom of this post. 

The guy is making big things happen by sitting on kitchen counters rapping not giving an eff.
I talk to Tom on a regular basis, and things are moving along very well for him - honestly keep a look out as to what he is doing, cause it is only matter of time where you will see him under the big spotlight. 

Also, he got a tattoo on his forehead, there is no going back for him... 

Give this a share below on social media, and let's spread some quality music around from a Canadian making it happen. #bsharp on the come up. 

Stay tuned for tomorrows update on the Apathy Show!