Stripes - Vlog #3 / by Cameron Barke

Welcome to the third installment of my Vlog!

Whole purpose of this entire blog is to give the outside audience, an inside look into my life.

So here we go.... 

I've been working hard these past weeks to bring you quality content!
Today I bring you just a quick look into my upcoming moves/projects.

I was recently featured on for my self-edited 
"Dead End Street"  video - you can check the article by CLICKING HERE or to click the image below!

New Video Coming Soon.... 

I will be releasing a new visual with the big homie Kryple in the next upcoming weeks. 
Release date TBA
All of this will be the lead into my Gatekeeper Project.

Also, I know it's nothing crazy, but I have spent some time creating new business cards Check Em out!

  There is alot more exciting news coming down the pipeline, although I cannot share with you quite yet! (I dont want to share it with you, then have it not happen and look like an ass)
I broke my ankle last week, which has given me the ability to put something really dope things into motion. 

Stay tuned for more updates!