Ski Base Front Flip / by Cameron Barke

Today, I would like to share with you all a really sick video of Clayton Butler chucking a massive huck off of a cliff!

I'm going on a little bit of an extreme sports kick the past few days, I grew up doing these sorts of things, and they remind me of before I broke all the bones in my body! hahaha
Reason I am sharing this, is cause its badass - that's pretty much it. No deep hidden message behind it, it's just dope! 

I grew up my entire life freeskiing, and this is just taking it to another level. 
Personally, I watched this video at the edge of my seat....
Mainly for the reason that I've been there before, and I'm sure a large majority of you guys have as well.
You know, top of a mountain, kicker infront of you, cliff underneath you, cameras rolling, parachute on your back.... Well minus the parachute.
But you know the feeling!
The, "what the fudge have I gotten myself into," feeling right before you're about to do something dumb - exactly what this reminded me of!