Bob Burnquist's Floating Ramp / by Cameron Barke

"You need to believe in something intensely enough to make things happen."

That is what professional skateboarder Bob Burnquist had to say when asked about his goals, and it really struck a chord with me. 

I grew up watching this guy as a kid.
These are guys I looked up to, and still to this day look up to. 
Guys like,

  • Matt Hoffman,
  • The Birdman,
  • Andy Mac,
  • Dave Mirra,
  • Ryan Nyquist,
  • Rodney Mulllen,
  • Chad Muska,
  • Eric Koston, Pastrana, The Entire Metal Mulisha crew.... I could go on for days of listing off action sports names. I also realize not all of these guys are skateboarders.

I remember like it was yesterday when Tony Hawk landed that 900 in the 1999 best trick at the X-Games..... Watching it to this day gives me goosebumps. I remember Pastranas double backflip or The Condors nohanded 900....

The reason I named all of these guys, and some of the memorable tricks they have done is because they ALL have/had dreams. When I personally see what these guys have accomplished, I see vision. I see people with VISION.

Where there is no vision; the people perish. Prov: 29:18

When I see the floating ramp above, and hearing what Burnquist has to say about dreams, it really makes me think. It makes me think about my personal journey, and my own dreams. It motivates me. This is why I shared this with you...

"Dreaming big man, that's what I do every day - is just try to dream as big as I can, and then go and make it happen you know..."

That is such a badass statement! 
Bob gets to wake up every morning, dream big, and make it happen. That is EXACTLY what life is about. Creating. He followed his dreams, despite all opposition - now he gets to skate floating ramps in the ocean! Think about it. 

If you skate, or know of some people who skate, share this with them - I am very sure they will appreciate how sick this is!