Doomsquad - Monthly Cypher ft Young Tox [Official Video] / by Cameron Barke

Doomsquad - Monthly Cypher [April] Ft Tox

If you are from Edmonton Alberta Canada - chances are you have heard of these guys. 

Doomsquad is one of the city's premiere rap crews.
Consisting, (in order of appearance), of
Kryple, Trippz, [Young Tox as the feature], & Ninelivez.

Since February 2014, they have been releasing one cypher style video per month featuring a local artist as the spotlight. 

I really like the idea, I was also personally featured on the first edition of this series.
If you would like to check that out, GIVE THIS A CLICK, to see how I operate. 

Fresh content on a consistent basis is what will make this machine fly. Doomsquad is doing just that, and the hardwork is paying off. 

Directed / Edited by: SonikHipHop 
Camera: Nate Reid
Production: BaggyLean
Featured Artist: Young Tox

If you enjoyed that, you will be able to catch Doomsquad live in the next upcoming weeks. Just CLICK HERE and RIGHT HERE for more information regarding upcoming events.

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