Edmonton: Upcoming HipHop Events. / by Cameron Barke

Tuffhouse Presents: The Lox

We all grew up listening to these guys, if you didn't, you lived under a rock apparently... 
I honestly do not have much to say about the show, it is a pretty self explanatory lineup of Jadakiss *uh huhhh*cough*
 Styles P 
Skeek Louch.

The Show is at Encore Saturday May 10th. 
There is also another really dope show going on that same night.
Check the details of that show RIGHT HERE. 
They are two separate fan bases, so hopefully they will not be pulling from the same crowd, but on Saturday May 10th - you have the choice of the lot that night! 

Opening Support:

  • Rome Angel
  • K-Blitz
  • Peter Jackson
  • Baby Beretta
  • CEO
  • GMS
  • Deuce Fantastik

The show should be a great turn out, especially for the older heads. 
Check THIS LINK HERE for more info. Time/Location/Tickets etc...

N$C/Raw Ent. Present: Lil Scrappy / Dj Paul

If you are into Trap / Gangster rap, this is a show you will definitely want to keep locked in on the schedule. 

The Show is schedule Friday June 27th @ Encore.

Lil Scrappy came out with a video in 2004, with one of the dopest concepts I have seen. Well, maybe not the DOPEST - but it was pretty cool.
Personally not my lane in music, but I appreciate it nevertheless. 
Check the VIDEO HERE for a taste of what he sounds like, plus to check out the cool concept. Appearances by many famous emcees/actors etc... 

Canada's own Sese will be live in effect as one of the opening support acts. 
Here's a look at what he is capable of...

Other Opening Support:

  • Doomsquad
  • Blackson Gutta
  • Dirty Pride
  • Deffine

For more information on tickets/event times/location... etc 
head on over to THIS LINK for all of that.