Edmonton: Upcoming HipHop Events / by Cameron Barke

Hopsin w/ Dj Hoppa: Knock Madness Tour

One of my personal favorites in the industry right now, even though he is competition and he's kicking my ass, is Funk Volume Founder Hopsin.

He will be coming to Edmonton's Union Hall May 9th.
I have opened for him before, and it was one of the most memorable shows I have done. 
It was buckwild! 

Attn: Video below has horrible audio, I put it up here to show you how crazy the crowd is. They were SO loud, they ruined the audio from the recording device. I remember being on stage, and not being able to myself b/c of the loudness of the fans - just a preview of how sick this show will be. **keep audio low**

As you can see from above, he brings a nice energetic crowd, with an almost cult-like following behind it, therefore the show will be a guaranteed dope time.

Opening Support:

  • Doomsquad
  • Sonik/K-Blitz
  • Brothers Grim
  • Mitchell Lawler

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Snak The Ripper: Just Giver Canada Tour

Another favorite artist of mine who is coming to Edmonton is Snak The Ripper. 

I first heard of Snak a few years back when he was tagging anything and everything with dope AF Graffiti. 

He, along with his support, will be in Edmonton's "The Studio" Saturday May 10th

I've also shared the stage with Snak in years past, and he also brings a really great, high energetic, cult(ish) crowd. 
Great stage presence, hard hitting lyrics, and an IDGAF attitude is what will make this show an awesome fan experience.

Opening Support:

  • Merkules
  • Jaclyn Gee
  • Suicide Kings
  • Pyke
  • John Saint
  • Brothers Grim
  • Dirty Pride
  • Nasty Boys
  • Phillip Solo

CLICK HERE for more info/tickets/time&location etc...

Edmonton has alot of great upcoming shows. 
Keep a look out for more. 

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