Gratitude / by Cameron Barke

So today, I am wanting to share with you a very important concept which I have been blessed to learn about over the last few years in my business career. 
That topic is, "Gratitude."

I am going to keep this short, and to the point.

Simply put, we in North America have so much to be thankful for! 
I have been blessed to be able to travel around to the globe, and see many different cultures, ethnicity's, lifestyles, religions, and creeds.
I have seen people living on the streets, and I met people who lived out of dumpsters....
I have also met people who drive Ferraris, and live fly on private jets.

I myself at a few points have been on the streets -  and I have also driven Ferraris. It was a very WILD experience. (being on the streets that is, Ferraris are nice too I suppose...)

What You Focus On, Grows.

This is an extremely important concept. 
Many people sort of bumble through life wondering why they are so broke, so tired, so miserable. Why no one loves them, why they can't find "the one," why they are lonely, and why they cannot excel. 
They focus on everything/every reason as to WHY something cannot be, rather than be grateful for what they already HAVE, and move forward from there. 

Like I said in the beginning, simply being in North America, is a step in the right direction. By default you are within the top 5% of the world in income, even if you are on minimum wage. 
Everywhere around is, is an opportunity to excel...

Now I know what you are probably thinking, "this guy is on some positive thinking bullshit... yada yada yada - Ive heard this before and it doesn't work."

I'm not really going the direction of positive thinking - it's tough to think positive when shit isn't going positive for you. When you are up to your eyes in bills, and just when you think you can't do it anymore, your car breaks down. Then after that, you get a speeding ticket in the mail from the month prior, and the credit card company blocks your card to pay for the repairs.... 
All I am saying, is what you focus on grows. All of that negative shit that is going on around you, should not be your focus. I know its difficult to not focus on it, cause it's slapping you right in the face - but really take the effort to focus the things/people/circumstances that make you happy. 

Here's an Actionable Activity To Help. 

Let's create abundance in your life right now!
I'm all about taking action!
It may seem stupid at the start, but please bare with me. 
This isn't my own exercise as well, I learned this from 'Jerry / Esther Hicks.'

So this is what we do, we buy a journal - preferably one with nice paper and a hardcover. 
Every morning, the first thing we do is write in this journal
Three things we are grateful for.
Those three things can be anything! Something as simply as my wife, my comfortable bed, and these breakfast I am about to eat. 
There are people in the world have none of those. No one who loves them, no comfortable bed, and no breakfast. 

By doing this, you will be attracting to you more of what you want, and repelling away what you do not want. 

Whenever you feel like life is slapping you around, what you do is simply go back to this Gratitude book - and overtime you will fill the pages with so many things that you have been blessed with, by reading them you can not help but put yourself in a better place!

I am going to cut it off here, I have a tendency of writing forever....
But, I hope this quick concept helps you achieve your dreams/goals!