29 of the Dopest Paintings Ever / by Cameron Barke

I lied, there are actually only 28 of em, either that or I can't count... Regardless, there is this Polish artist who goes by the name of Pawel Kuczynski, apparently he has been creating this form of artwork since 2004....
You can visit his website right here. (Trust me you want to!)
This is the type of stuff that makes you really think. (trust me, you want to think)
I came privy to this from a friend of mine who tagged me in a post, so I decided to share with you all! 
All these have some form of political satire to them, maybe satire is the wrong word, but they are exposing a truth through art. Its pretty sick! 
I hope you all enjoy, cause I love sharing this with you! 
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Hope you all enjoyed.
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