Brian Aragon / by Cameron Barke

Brian Aragon Going To Work! 

I know this video is like 10 years old, which makes me feel old as hell. 
When this came out I was like 17.... 

My goodness.  That sucks! I am going to have a midlife crisis very shortly now... 

Not to add to this one. Reason I shared is because I came across this again from a night of cleaning up the garage, and I came across my old pair of skates. 
Then I spent the night searching the interwebs for old skate videos... This Brian Aragon one stuck out for me! 

I wish I could go back to skating, but my ankle is so broken, I can barely put a pair of skates on without pain. 

I am going to dig through the archives, and see if I can scrape together some edits of myself. 
My old laptop got stolen which would have the footage on it, but I will see if it is backed up on other external discs. 

I hope you enjoyed this video of Aragon from back in the day. 
Reason I didn't post anything more current, is because this video is what motivated the hell out of me back in the day to push myself. Not only to push myself while skating, but also in the gym - simply watching someone who is at the top of the game will help you to achieve. 

Enjoi the video! Plus, the soundtrack is DOPE!