Mr.Macdonald - Wannabes [Official Video] / by Cameron Barke

Official Video - "Wannabes" - Mr.Macdonald

If you have yet to check this guy out, now is your chance. 
My boy Tom Macdonald, (click to check his website), just released the well anticipated visual for his track "Wannabes." (You can find the trailer by clicking RIGHT HERE) - its a dope ass trailer!

In an industry full of abunch of half-assed attempts at trying to "make it," it is refreshing to see the #BSharp camp come out with something of quality.
[#Bsharp: Stevie Ross - Matt Brevner - Mr.Mac]

I can tell this was a heartfelt song, yet again, another element of our industry that seems to be lacking! I sense some actual emotion behind this one, which captures the viewers attention and holds them there.

Production is dope, post production is on point - everything came out nice. 

I jumped out of my seat when I saw Stevie Ross make a cameo.... Literally, I jumped.

I got a little inside track of what is going on within these guys team, and let me tell you, they are just getting started!
Very talented artists, making a definite statement in the industry.
Keep your ear to the ground, for there is plenty more to come! 
Congrats Mr.Mac for the release.