Mr. MacDonald "Wannabe" [Trailer] / by Cameron Barke

Mr.Mac Releases The "Wannabe Trailer"

I am very excited to announce this one for you all!
I know I can speak on behalf of my friend Mr.Mac, that he is extremely excited as well.

Mr. Mac / Tom Macdonald, is a Canadian HipHop/Indie artist who's got a little different flavor than you would expect.
Refreshing/Heartfelt/Honest, are just a few of the words that come to mind when I think of his art.
I know that he has been working hard on a new project for quite some time with the BSharp team that he is very proud of - above is the teaser video. Looks legit. 

Stevie Ross, Matt Brevner & Mr.Mac are some of the most talented/hardworking group of artists currently in Canada who comprise the Bsharp squad.
I say that with confidence.
The quality is high, the movement strong, and the BSharp team are definitely heading in the right direction.

Here is what Mr.Mac has to say about what is coming down the pipeline:

"I'm so incredibly excited to FINALLY release something for you. Everything from here on out is going to be of this quality. There is TONS more to come. I had an extremely talented and hardworking team help me with my new content. Great ideas, a ton of passion and a ruthless worth ethic have birthed what you're going to see next. The big guy upstairs has helped me through some awful shit so that I could turn the experiences into some very special art. I hope you guys enjoy the upcoming releases half as much as I enjoyed making them for you."

As an artist myself, I appreciate the quality of work these guys are achieving.
I am super stoked to see what Mr.Mac, and the rest of the Bsharp guys, will be uncovering in the up coming weeks/months. You should be too! 

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