Message & The Money / by Cameron Barke

Message & The Money.

I am going to be keeping this very brief. 

I have been bouncing the idea of this around my head for the past few weeks now, and have decided to put my thoughts on paper - well on a computer.... 

Honestly, there isn't too much to add to Immortal Techniques 'Message & The Money.' He pretty much hits the nail on the head, as far as my line of thinking is concerned. The reasoning behind me putting that song up there, was because if you can have someone better than you to do something for you, get them to do it. (powerful business term called leverage - maybe on another post I will touch on the subject)
He verbalized the issue far better than I can...

Anyway, my thoughts are this:

I think that demographics, location, and where your market is located plays in a major role in this whole debate. 
If you don't know what the debate is, re-listen to the above song.....

For the most part, I agree with Tech, but to be honest I'm not a naturally violent person. I've been underpaid enough times by promoters for shows I've done - but not enough for me to start killing promoters etc... lol 

To keep a long story short, I want to hear your thoughts on the subject. 
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