Stripes & Justin Ratowsky - Exclusive Freestyle #2 / by Cameron Barke

Stripes & Justin Ratowsky Beach Session #2

So excited to bring this to you guys!

Justin Ratowksy of Cali Conscious, and myself, had a great time jamming on one of the most beautiful beaches of the world only a few months ago! 
We were fortunate enough to have it caught on film! 

Welcome to Paradise! 

The scenery was/is surreal. 
The sand as white as it comes; is actually made of silica so pure that when you step on it, will cause a squeaking sound!
The water so clear you can see the bottom.
Our own little piece of heaven in the form of a secluded island in the Whitsundays! 

I hope you enjoy this little clip I put up for you!

Something a little different, 
Something a little fresh.
Something maybe to change perspective. 

One of the most beautiful things for me, about the ocean, is its healing properties. 
With the ocean, comes an energy unmatched by anything I have ever felt.  

If you are the type who likes sunsets, rum, trees, beaches, cool breezes, and beautiful ladies... Let's be honest, who doesn't?! I mean I could go for that right now.... 

But if you do enjoy that, check the links right below here: 

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