Eminem - Total Slaughter / by Cameron Barke

Shady & Slaughterhouse announce first event.

This, summer in New York's Hammerstein ballroom, Eminem, Paul Rosenberg, and Slaughterhouse will be conducting one of battle raps largest events. 

"Total Slaughter" was announced last January, and is coming to New York July 12th for the first event. 
Joe Budden, will be returning to the ring, alongside some of the best in the industry. 

Paul Rosenberg tells Rollingstone that "this opportunity is a way to do for battle rapping what UFC did for MMA,"

He goes on to say that battle rap is very popular, but 'splintered' and very niche. He also says it does not have "the right production levels that it can or should [have]."

What does Eminem have to say about the event/league?

"I'm a passionate battle fan, so this is something I've always thought about doing," adds Eminem, whose Shady Films is co-producing the event. "I came up battling at the same time I was making records and learning my way around the studio. It's a little bit different in terms of the kinds of tools you need, but the competitiveness is the same. The times I didn't win gave me just as much light in the past as when I did. It's all about your performance."

The anticipated battle of the event will be Murda Mook vs Loaded Lux. 
I know you all know who that is... no real need to go into detail. 

Joe Budden Back In The Ring?

Slaughterhouse's own will be hopping in the gauntlet with Hollow Da Don. I personally think that Budden will destroy the kid. I don't know about you, what are your thoughts? 
For some reason there is this stigma that the OGs cant hang with the new gen.... I beg to differ, but you can't base everything off of the Canibus/battle. 
It will definitely be interesting to see, my vote is for Budden. 

Eminem Back Battling?!

Unfortunately no! 

"I don't think at this point it would make any sense. They know eeeeverything about him. Everything," says Rosenberg. "So, he's kind of an easy target. Plus, lets be honest, you gotta be in shape for this. This isn't something that you just go do on a whim. You gotta be in shape, your brain's gotta be ready for it, you gotta be in that mode. And Marshall hasn't done stuff like that for a really long time."

If Eminem went to battle, one I don't know of anyone worthy of actually battling him to be honest, and two it would be extremely unfair. 
Unfair to Shady to be honest. He has put his entire life out there for the public and for the battler to dig dirt up on - while Eminem essentially would be battling a nobody in comparison to him, with no backend information to draw upon. 

What About Other Leagues?

I periodically chat with the owners/co-owners/top tier battlers in a few arenas, and I actually do not know their stance on whether this is good or not. 

Is it good for the battle scene in general, but will it hurt their personal business? 
Where does KOTD/URL or even the UK's DONT FLOP stand in the regards to a new league being developed - especially with mainstream backers, and the financial credentials of major production.
Essentially, one of the main downfall in ANY business is "lack of capital," so with Eminems league coming out with an unlimited bank account - can these other leagues compete anymore? 
It will be interesting to see. 
One of my problems, well not really problems moreso a concern, is how over-produced some of the battles/events have become. To me it seems too WWE, and less about the actual battle. 
But, that is what the people want to see, and what will make money - and at the end of the day is what counts! 

Here is the matchups for the first event: 

I personally look forward to all that is happening. 
It woulda been a littler doper if the Sucka Free BAWSE was in the mix, but maybe on the next series... 

Leave your comments on the new league. 
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