Cali Conscious / Justin Ratowsky / Organic Seed Cards / by Cameron Barke

So my friend Justin Ratowksy, of California's Reggae/Folk/Indie band, "Cali Conscious" has created an awesome new eco-friendly business of Organic Seed Cards. 

Me and Justin were walking along the most beautiful clear water of WhiteHaven Beach situated amongst the world renowned Whitsunday Islands of Australia's east coast, when he shared with me his vision for this company. 

What he is wanting to do, I believe first and foremost, is to help improve the environment and give back. From what I know of him, he is the genuine kind of person who wants to leave a positive impact on the planet, instead of taking away from it.

We were walking along the beach, and we found a piece of plastic floating in the water, a small piece of plastic, but it was garbage and did not belong in the blue water nonetheless. He picked the plastic out, and put it in his pocket.
He said, as small as that plastic may be, it could have been avoided as litter in the ocean. It being there could have been there by a complete accident, but it was still there regardless, and those small pieces of plastic add up.
He then gave me the example of cds, and the plastic wrapping that covers the cd. When we unwrap a cd, a small piece of plastic may fall away from our grasp without our notice, and end up hurting our environment. As well, there are people who will consciously take that plastic and litter! Shame on them! 

To combat this, Justin has come up with Organic Seed Cards - essentially instead of receiving a cd when you purchase an album from an artist, you will receive a card with a digital download code to the music of the artist of your choosing, as well as a seed (from herbs, flowers, veggies, and even trees), that you can plant in the ground. 
Now instead of contributing to the problem, you are now adding to the solution! 

Neat hey?!
I think so, and I fully endorse movement. 

Cal Conscious "Rasta Man"

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LISTENTOJUSTIN (I have this on repeat right now) 

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