Stripes & Justin Ratowsky - Exclusive Freestyle / by Cameron Barke

WhiteHaven Freestyle Sessions:

I was blessed to have met Justin Ratowsky of Californias Folk/RnB/Reggae group
"Cali Conscious." <--- click link to view website. 

Justin is an extremely talented singer, guitarist, songwriter, and Im sure many other things! 
We actually met on the exclusive luxury island of Hamilton, in the WhitSundays of East Coast Australia a few months ago. 

We were fortunate enough to be taken into the home of a very loving couple, who opened their doors to us.
One afternoon, they decided to take us with them to a day trip around the 74 majestic islands of the Whitsundays. 

We cruised around for a few hours, and it looked something similar to this. 
Well, it actually looked exactly like this.... 

We found a nice little spot all to ourselves on the island, and planted the guitars/food/drinks/and people right near the crystal blue water.

We had a few guitars going, and then we kicked a couple freestyles together! The on in the video at the top was the only one I was able to get on tape! 

I am super stoked to be able to say I was chillin with Justin from Cali Conscious, he is a forward thinking musician with big goals and dreams, which he is making happen everyday.

I want you to check out his site, and follow his music.
Him and his band are that type of music the needs to be put back into the ears of the masses. 
I call it music with a heartbeat. Music with soul. 

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Until Next Time.