Clippers Owner - Donald Sterling / by Cameron Barke

Racism In The NBA

I want to start this off with a discretion:

  1. I am not defending or taking any sides to what has transpired, all I am doing is presenting the information that was been put forward. 
  2. I have never personally heard Don Sterlings voice. This could a massive hoax/framing/anything... Once more conclusive evidence is put fourth, then more opinions can be formed. I know may that sound ignorant, but he has neither confirmed or denied the audio, cannot believe everything TMZ puts out is what I'm saying....

As I am sure all of you are aware, Clippers owner Don Sterling, may have got caught slipping in a surprise audio released earlier this weekend by TMZ.

I have seen a few interesting posts on the topic thus far throughout my social media, and one comment that was interesting and made alot of sense came from Edmonton veteran emcee, "Yak Dollaz."
The context of the quote is from a question posed from another Edmonton rapper asking, "how can you own an NBA franchise, yet be racist?" Yak replied with;

 "Thats' like asking how can u own a plantation and be racist!!! He's making money off of black folks but he doesn't want to hang out with the help...maybe a couple light skinned house n*****s to open doors for him but that's it"

Makes sense to me, if it is true. Make money off of them... 
Then it got me to thinking, where else does this situation happen. Pretty much in every major player corporation out there. 

Where do our clothes we wear come from.... 
What goes on behind closed doors in those industries.... 

Just something to consider.

I will update you, when more information is released. 

Leave a comment on your thoughts, please try and keep them clean and just not straight ignorant.... 

Until Next Time.