#DeepInTheNam 1 / by Cameron Barke


That was the mantra of the entire Vietnam experience. 

I had this driving desire within me to go to Vietnam, and come back, only for the sole reason of being able to tell my grandchildren, "this one time in Nam," or "back in Nam," or something to that extent.... Childish, I know, but I did it anyway and hence the term hashtag-DeepInTheNam.

On that note, Here We Go.....

New Years Eve In Vietnam:

For NYE, me and my travel buddy Korbin, were in HCMC or the famous Saigon. 

There are apparently 9 million people in that city, which is split into many districts, all of whom went absolutely wild that night. 
I have never seen so many people in the middle of the road drinking at one time in my life! 
I was one of those people.... I also smoked about 4 packs of cafe flavored cigars because they literally cost 1$ a pack!

One of the many shocks to the system of being in Vietnam for me at first was the traffic. 
in the beginning, I was somewhat nervous from just the amount of people on motorbikes/scooters weaving in and out of traffic, but then I grew to learn it is more of an "organized chaos."
The traffic in Vietnam flows, there are really no rules, which I kind of enjoy to be honest.

Shooting Guns In #TheNam.

One of my fondest memories of Vietnam was taking that Heavy Machine Gun, and bucking off shots! Until you do that yourself, I can't explain the feeling in words... 

Being High In Vietnam.

Well, what happened was I bought all these custom made shoes.... They were glued together with some industrial ass strength adhesive, and I locked myself in my hotel room with them and closed to window to write rhymes.... 
Korbin comes in the room, 3 hours later with just me and the fresh glue, and there I am half passed out on the bed - just high. 
Where do you think my Doomsquad Cypher Verse came from? 

Riding Motorbikes / Quads in #TheNam.

I cannot explain the feeling of freedom that was obtained from riding a motorbike. 
I know some of you may understand the feeling, but it is just such an amazing experience. Being #deepinthenam, I think extenuated the feelings of freedom, but it was just such a fun time hopping on the bike and ripping around a country where you have no idea where you are. Many times I straight got lost, and would just keep riding til I found my way home! 

The quads were also such a badass experience! We took them on the white sand dunes, and tore up the land! I flipped my quad on myself taking it off a jump, just not caring for my own well-being - which was a dumb idea considering I had no life insurance! There is footage of it somewhere.... 

I have so many more memories,
I will save those for another time. 

I hope you enjoyed my collage of footage from #DeepInTheNam 1. 
There will be a few more parts to the series. 
Stay tuned. 

If you have any Vietnam footage/videos/comments - leave me a message! 

Also, I will be coming out with a tips and tricks blog of traveling TheNam, so share this with your adventurous friends who may be thinking of heading to SouthEast Asia.

Until next time.