Wild Dolphin Asks Divers To Help Free Itself. / by Cameron Barke

I am kind of going along with this underwater theme..... Bare with me. 
I am going to keep this one short and concise again.

Here We Go....

Something that has fascinated me for years, is the connection we have as humans with our wildlife.

This video clip had me at the edge of my seat waiting for more!
As with my last post of A Blonde & A Great White, this as well had my jaw on the floor due to the fact of how just intuitive this mammal actually is. 
I feel the dolphin knew that the human could free it from the hook, and you can see it clearly "asking" to be saved from the cold steel in its fin. 

I also find the irony that the very reason the hook was in the fin of the animal in the first place, was due to human negligence. 

Dolphins are one of my favorite animals, just for the fact their intelligence is beyond that of other creatures by leaps and bounds, which is definitely made evident in this clip.

My wish to this planet, is we take care of our wildlife with more care, because pretty soon we will not have them around any longer - all for the sake of a dollar it seems. Truly sad. 

I hope you enjoyed the video!

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