A Blonde & A Great White Shark / by Cameron Barke


That is all I pretty much have to say. 
I know this video is somewhat dated, I am sure you have seen it already, but if not, here it is. 

I was fortunate enough to grow up where I was able to visit the ocean quite regularly. Hawaii being one of them.
I recently just returned from a year long vacation/travel expedition to Australia,Asia,Japan... All of which were places I spent countless hours in the ocean.

For some odd reason, I have always had this fear of sharks. 
Maybe it was the first time I watched, "Jaws" back when I was just a kid, or when "Lake Placid" came out, but I think these movies created a fear in me of ocean/lake creatures. 

Regardless of where my fear came from, I am honestly scared of sharks to this day.
Well not so much of the shark itself, just not knowing what is beneath me while I am swimming/surfing in the ocean, kind of freaks me out. I know it's made up in my head, but its still in the back of my mind, especially when I'm surfing. 

These Great Whites are one of the most powerful, beautiful, majestic creatures of our planet - also the most feared!

I think the reason they are most feared, is because they are misunderstood....
I am guilty of misunderstanding them. 
It does make sense though, we DO just jump into their backyard and splash around, I'd bite someone too if they did that to my house.....

Anyway, bringing it all back to the video above, I think that was insane! 
I had to watch that a few times, all whilst picking my jaw up from off the ground. 
She literally, grabbed onto the biggest bad ass of a Great White, and went for a joy ride....

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Until Next Time....