Questions Asked To Evolutionists / by Cameron Barke

Questions Asked To Evolutionists

This has been an age-old debate: Evolution vs Creationism

So with such a controversial topic to write on, it had me debating blogging about it but I finally decided to give it a shot. 

There honestly is not too much to say, other than this video will probably make a decent amount of people upset!
Obviously the clip is tailored towards a Christian bias, but I believe a very valid point was made. 

It takes faith in order to believe. 

Whether that belief is in a higher power, or in Darwinism, it remains true that a certain amount of faith is needed to come to a conclusion, whatever that conclusion may be.

I will keep this short and concise, I want to hear your thoughts on the subject matter related to the video. 

Leave a comment, a rebuttal post, or give it a share and tell your friends. 
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