#WeTheNorth / by Cameron Barke



Basketball and hiphop are two cultures that have gelled together throughout the years. 
For some reason they just go hand in hand. 
I grew up playing ball all the way to college, and the majority of your favorite rappers grew up playing. 

Reason I bring the hiphop/basketball connection is because Drake has been named the official Brand Ambassador of the Toronto Raptors, which are making their first playoff appearance in 6 years, and this new "#WeTheNorth" campaign has been a bi-product.

What are your thoughts on the new direction of the rappers differentiating themselves as strictly being from the north with this above video clip?

To me, I think it's dope!
Coming from a basketball background myself, with a few personal friends/acquaintances in the NBA, NCAA, and professional European leagues, I completely understand/support the message of the video.

#WeTheNorth is very true. 
We are alienated up here in Canada, both in music (hiphop) and in basketball. 
I have been heavily involved in both worlds for many years now, and it's a battle from the start simply just being from Canada....
I won't get into details as to why, (different topic for another time), but I think this promotional video is a great clip to create a united front in Canadian basketball. 

Predictions on the Raps vs Brooklyn series.

I have always been a Raptors fan, but my main team is the Lakers. (which ironically enough suck ass this year...) 
I honestly do not think the Raps will make it past the first round against the Nets but it is definitely a step in the right direction.
They don't have enough depth and experience in playoff situations compared to the veterans from the BK team. 
Although being in the playoffs is very awesome to see, for both the hiphop and basketball cultures here in Canada, it's a step in the right direction!

What are your predictions for the Brooklyn/Raps round 1 series? 
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