Stripes & Fear / by Cameron Barke

Talking about fear again. 

What is is fear?

Fear, to me, is a made up feeling or the thought of an imaginative unwanted situation to occur with no physical backing proof.

ie: the fear of drowning. 
Just because you are in a swimming pool, should not equate to you drowning. If that was the case, you would never go swimming. See what I'm getting at... 
You are scared you are going to drown, so you never take the chance to enjoy swimming. 

In order to fully live life, you have to overcome fears to enjoy/appreciate the beautiful planet we live in. 


My greatest fear is laying on a deathbed, and thinking to myself, "what if." 

Like literally laying there, and thinking "what if" I would have pursued that business deal, or "what if" I would have taken music more seriously, or "what if" I had traveled more and expanded my being. 

The thought of not living up to my potential is, at times, an almost crippling feeling. 
I strongly believe we were all sent here for a much greater purpose than to wake up everyday going to work at a place we hate being at for 8 hours - then doing it all over the next day. 

In North America, thats how 99.9% of the society operates - and I believe a large factor determining that is fear. 

  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of rejection.
  • Fear of being humiliated.
  • Fear of embarrassment.

I feel these fears have been beaten into us as children, and are a debilitating part of our western society.

I've personally felt all of these fears, because I have failed, been rejected, been humiliated, and embarrassed. 

You just have to learn that everything that happens, happens in your best interest - and that if you have failing at trying something "new," you are in a good class of people. 

 'nuff said.

I want my music to empower people to go follow their heart, and not listen to the crowd. 

I am going to leave you with this image.