Neph - An Angels Song [Official Video] / by Cameron Barke

Neph - An Angels Song [Official Video]

Here is a another Canadian artist out of the BattleAxe Warrior camp who is making waves in the industry. 

Neph, is an emcee hailing from Vancouver British Columbia Canada and nephew to Swollen Members staple member, Prevail.

I really like what Neph is doing as of late, he definitely has an original feel about his art. I can hear a touch of a Prevail-esque tone to his flow, which is hella dope. 

"I remember counting up nickles so I could go buy some cigarettes and a swisher."

I think we've all been there, especially as artists.
This song definitely has some heart behind the words.
There isn't much more I can say, just listen to the words of the song. I'll give you a suggestion though, keep your ears open for more of Neph - he's one of the next in line if he keeps moving this way. 

Canada is starting to move..... 

Until next time.