Stripes - Dead End Street [Official Video] / by Cameron Barke

Stripes - Dead End Street [Official Video]

Just fresh out the editing room. 
I'm at it again with another release in my series of videos working towards my "GateKeeper" project. 

Here is the primary purpose of this video: I feel that instead of just releasing "tracks" on YouTube with just a 'still' picture of myself, a visual to the song is much more appealing. 

My secondary purpose, is that in between recording this "Gatekeeper" album, I want to keep you guys engaged with new content. 
I am looking to work towards having a new quick video like this once every 2 week cycle.

It was shot by TaylorBurkPhotography in various locations of Edmonton Alberta Canada. 

Production: The Alchemist. 
and Editing was done by myself. 

Alot more new and exciting things are currently in the works.
I hope you all enjoy. 

The Gatekeeper is coming.....