Ice T - Overcoming Fear / by Cameron Barke

Today, I want to bring to you a fun spin on overcoming your fears. 

What is fear? 

To me, fear is something that is made up in your own head. 

I havent shared my full journey yet as an entrepreneuer, but in my first business deal, the owner of the company said something very profound in a training video. And that was this:
There are 2 things natural to human beings; crying and sucking. Everything else is learned behaviour. 

Then I got to thinking, if you take a baby and place it beside a crocodile/brown snake/tarantula/anything deadliy - the baby wont be scared. It will have no fear. 
You could place a baby on the top of a skyscraper, and it will have no fear of crawling around up there, inches from certain death. Won't even care! 

The only way us as humans gain fear, is we learn it. We learn that crocodiles can kill us, brown snake venom doesnt feel so great, tarantulas are creepy, and falling from skyscrapers will make you a pancake, because when we were 12 we fell off our trampoline once and broke our arm. 

So, tying this all together, if we have 20 - 25 - 35 - 40 years of LEARNED fears built up within us --- Maybe they aren't fears of spiders or sharks, but fears of other things:
Fear of rejection, fear of failurefear of loss, fear of public speaking, fear of people laughing at you.... 

How do you overcome these fears? Cause these fears are holding us back!

I had to do it in my personal journey - especially after my first company, I learned many fearsthat I had. (remember that learned behaviour I was talking about...?)
Fear of picking up the phone againfear of people laughing at me againfear of my family tellling me to stop with this internet business and go become a plumber...

Overcoming Fear:

I still struggle with those fears to this day, but how do I overcome them? 

I first had to realize that to become the most powerful version of you, is when you first step into the fear, and second, after you are broken completely.
(Ive been homeless eating out of garbage cans, not knowing when my next meal was or where I am sleeping - so I understand broken)

There is only one thing that can prevent you from becoming the person you were meant to become, and that is the fears within you. 

The only way to deal with those learned fears  you have to face them.
How do you face them?
Ice T gets pretty much to the point in the above video - just say F*CK IT and go for the damn thing! 

To be a succesful entreprenuer, you have to get uncomfortable. You're going to do things that will cause fear, and the only way to get by it is to look that fear in the face and sayF*CK it!  

To all my entrepreneurs out there - F*CK IT - go live your dreams! 


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We have a society of people trapped within themselves, living in a world they hate, working a job they hate, all because they have let fear get the better of them!
If I can stop 1 person in my life from doing that, I have succeeded.
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