Tom MacDonald - "2 Litre" ft. Brevner & Stevie Ross [Official Video] / by Cameron Barke

Tom MacDonald - "2 Litre" ft. Brevner & Stevie Ross [Official Video]

Alright, so here is another release from my friends across the province. 
The #bsharp team is at it again, with the release of "2 Litre."

Stevie Ross x Matt Brevner make their features in this great visual form of artwork. 

I personally quite enjoyed the song. 

The video concept is set in an underground fight venue, where bets are being placed on different fighters - a nice little "bloodsport" story line which was appeasing to the eye, keeping the audience engaged!  

"fuck all that boombap and underground" was probably my favorite line from the entire song. 
Me and Tom have been known to have some great "debates" on the matter. hahaha Funny cause Im an underground artist. But I feel the love! 

I thoroughly enjoyed the video, and am I fan of what these boys are putting out there!
Some great Canadian talent on the come up!  

If you would like to check out more of these artists work, check the links below:
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