Stripes - UNO [Official Video] / by Cameron Barke

Stripes - UNO [Official Video]


Artist - Stripes
Female Actress - Danielle Stephenson
Production Company- Tiburon Films Inc
Cinematography / Director - Steve van Diest 
Editing - Steve van Diest

Many many many late nights were spent creating this little masterpiece. 

I haven't had that much fun on a set in a very long time. Things like this make me remember why I remember love creating music/visual arts so much! 

Want to give a nice big shoutout to Danielle Stephenson on this one for being such a great actor! 

Shoutout to Steve Van Diest, for being a beast on the lense. 

This is an older song I wanted to pay tribute to my fallen homie Ja Uno on... It was around a year ago now when he passed. It also fits the "Halloween" theme.

The full version of this track, has a few other features on it which, you will have to wait and see!
Consider this your introduction to "The Gatekeeper" 

Thank-you for the continued support. 
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