Stripes - All Out War [Official Video] by Cameron Barke

Stripes - All Out War [Official Video]

GateKeeper is coming soon...

Artist: Stripes
Cinematography: Tiburon Films Inc
Production: Rhyme Asylum
Editing: Stripes/Steve Van Diest

I just stayed up 24 hours straight to get this video out....

A few other really late nights went into the making of this production. I am very happy how everything turned out - looks dope! (I hope you feel the same).

I have been working extremely hard on bringing the best product to the marketplace with my "Gatekeeper" project - sit tight, it is coming...
(I feel like this is Edmonton's "Detox" or something because of how many times I say this... lol)

In the meantime, you have this newest visual from me to tie you over, as well check out all my other visuals from these past 10 or so months. Click right here to give them a look!

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Tom MacDonald - "2 Litre" ft. Brevner & Stevie Ross [Official Video] by Cameron Barke

Tom MacDonald - "2 Litre" ft. Brevner & Stevie Ross [Official Video]

Alright, so here is another release from my friends across the province. 
The #bsharp team is at it again, with the release of "2 Litre."

Stevie Ross x Matt Brevner make their features in this great visual form of artwork. 

I personally quite enjoyed the song. 

The video concept is set in an underground fight venue, where bets are being placed on different fighters - a nice little "bloodsport" story line which was appeasing to the eye, keeping the audience engaged!  

"fuck all that boombap and underground" was probably my favorite line from the entire song. 
Me and Tom have been known to have some great "debates" on the matter. hahaha Funny cause Im an underground artist. But I feel the love! 

I thoroughly enjoyed the video, and am I fan of what these boys are putting out there!
Some great Canadian talent on the come up!  

If you would like to check out more of these artists work, check the links below:
Stevie Ross
Matt Brevner
Tom MacDonald

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Shady XV Cypher by Cameron Barke


This honestly, needs no explaining. 
It's Slaughterhouse and Shady killing it... 

The intention of the Cypher is to promote the upcoming Shady XV album. 

It's a little different because of straight acapella, but I like the concept! Everyone went to work. 

Who do you think had the best verse?! 

Comment below.

Stripes - UNO [Official Video] by Cameron Barke

Stripes - UNO [Official Video]


Artist - Stripes
Female Actress - Danielle Stephenson
Production Company- Tiburon Films Inc
Cinematography / Director - Steve van Diest 
Editing - Steve van Diest

Many many many late nights were spent creating this little masterpiece. 

I haven't had that much fun on a set in a very long time. Things like this make me remember why I remember love creating music/visual arts so much! 

Want to give a nice big shoutout to Danielle Stephenson on this one for being such a great actor! 

Shoutout to Steve Van Diest, for being a beast on the lense. 

This is an older song I wanted to pay tribute to my fallen homie Ja Uno on... It was around a year ago now when he passed. It also fits the "Halloween" theme.

The full version of this track, has a few other features on it which, you will have to wait and see!
Consider this your introduction to "The Gatekeeper" 

Thank-you for the continued support. 
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DoomSquad Monthly Cypher - ft BrothersGrim by Cameron Barke

New DoomSquad Cypher - August 2014

Well, the big homies Doomsquad are back at it again with another rendition of their monthly cypher series. You can check out more of them right here.

There's not too much to say about this, the music speaks for itself. It's dope to see my old crew back together again lacing tracks together... 

In case you don't know

Doomsquad consists of Trippz, 9Livez, Kryple - the crew was formed to keep the memory of the late Blacklisted alive, among other reasons. (rip)

BrothersGrim consists of real life brothers Komrade & Pat Grim. 

Along with Pilzbury, Sonik, K-BlitzHabe, & myself (Stripes), these two crews were apart of the late Edmonton/Western Canadian supergroup GrimEmpire. (rip) haha

If you ever hear any artist in the city of Edmonton refer to "Fallen Empire" or "The Fallen Empire," they are talking about the separation of the powerful, yet short lived group! 

The last time these 5 have been on the same track together was over 2 years ago on one of the "Future Volume" mixtapes. If you are interested in hearing what it sounded like, click this link RIGHT HERE to check it out! 
Big congrats to Kryple who is on a Canadian wide tour for the month of September with Merkules. We all wish him the best of success. 

Fresh off a music festival in Illadelph, I want to give a shoutout to BrothersGrim on taking the bull by the horns, and offering show promotions.

Both of these crews are on the forefront of the Canadian music industry, and we are all looking forward to what they bring to the table. 

If anyone is wondering about me, all I can say is, The Gatekeeper is coming... 

Edmonton HipHop Beef by Cameron Barke

Edmonton HipHop Beef

Cursive vs Deffine - Rome Angel - Sonik - Troublez & more....

It seems Edmonton HipHop is picking up a little excitement these past few weeks... 
We got a beef ladies and gentleman! 

I first want to state I am neutral the either parties, this is strictly an unbiased recap of everything that is going down with the Cursive vs THE ENTIRE YEG HIPHOP SCENE saga... Sonik, Deffine, Troublez, Rome... and I think the list goes on.

I honestly do not know what Cursive did to bring this down on him, I am not personally in the loop with everything that has transpired leading up to this. 
I have a few inclinations as to what happened, but it is neither the time nor my place to air any of them out. 

The purpose of this post is to keep you up to speed as to what is happening with these events in case you missed any of the action. 

Lets Begin! 

ROUND 1: Deffine Kicks It Off

ROUND 1: Cursive Responds


For myself, Deffine came hardbody on the initial diss. It was a solid record all around as far as a diss joint goes. Deffine uses skits, personals, and solid bars to kick it off.

Where Cursive wins points with me, the photoshop image of Deffine, CRACKED ME UP - he won points right off the top with that! Im looking at it right now, and laughing. 
He also wins points with me coming back the next day with his response. 

ROUND 2: Deffine Strikes Again

ROUND 2: Sonik & Rome Angel Go In

ROUND 2: Cursive Responds 

ROUND 2 - Recap

Deffine came with that photoshop image of Cursive, and I nearly lost it... 
It took what Cursive did, and one up'd it - which was hilarious. Completely crack up! I first saw it and didn't believe it... I was drinking water, and spit it up - thinking to myself "woooo" 
Deffine wins points with that one. 

If you are unaware, Cursive had an emergency surgery a day or so after he released his Round 1 diss back to Deffine. I am not certain exactly what happened, but one of his lungs collapsed... 
Hence the name of Deffines diss "Till Your Lungs Collapse" I hope homie is legit alright, and his lungs are working/surgery went well. Never want anyone to get hurt/injured. Health is always #1. 
Regardless of hiphop beef, I never want to see anyone get physically injured. 

In between responses, there was a barrage of memes created of a picture Cursive posted on his instagram, that got flipped against him of him on a hospital bed.

Deffine had Troublez of Pysch Ward Kids on the track as well. I guess that crew has a beef they wanted to air out, and took the opportunity to do so with Deffine.

In comes Sonik/Rome. 
At the end of Cursive's first joint, he says something about Soniks first born daughter - this is the reasoning behind Sonik's diss track. 
As for Rome Angel going in, I have no idea where that comes from... 

The skit for Sonik/Romes track had be cracking up. It was almost too much. 

Cursive came back with an almost Dizaster vs Arcane response, where Dizaster pulls out the papers saying Arcane purchased his bars from Caustic...
Cursive screenshot text messages between him and Deffine. 

I still do not know what to make of this, does it negate everything Deffine has said, or does it make Cursive look like he gave up and went that route. 

Once again, this is an unbiased review of what is going on. I am neutral to both parties and am merely putting this beef all in one place. 

Who do you think is ahead/winning?
What do you think of this beef, is it a good spark to the scene?! 
Will Cursive come back with another track to rebuttal Sonik/Rome?! 

I guess time will only tell....


Squad Tour Edmonton - Recap by Cameron Barke

KOTD Squad Tour - Edmonton - Recap

The event was dope! Everything went down without a hitch, other than Double A knocking over the lights at the end...... (awkward)...

The big homie Kryple of Doomsquad held it down and really did a great job organizing this event.  Big shoutout to Papa Phill, Greg Wright, and the whole crew over at The Studio Music Foundation.
There are too many names to name to thank for bringing this to the city, but you know who you are, so thank-you. 

Every battler came correct, prepared, and put on a good show for the audience. There was not one battler who I would say had a faulty performance... a few slips here and there, and overall an A+ all around.

For myself, the battler of the night goes to the big homie Sly! I think it is safe to say that he was an underdog on the card, but came correct - impressed not only the judges, but won the fans over as well.

There was also an 8 man freestyle battle to kick the night off, and the winner got to face Charron, which in my opinion is a loss waiting to happen, for Charron could arguably be named the top freestyle battler globally right now...? I have no idea who faced him, but I heard they got eaten up! 

On-top of that, Scott Jackson, one of Canadas' premier beatboxers blessed us with his presence on stage as well. 

It was really great to see the city come together to support the community, more specifically to support the Canadian battle scene out west. KOTD is the premier battling stage currently in the world; hosting events that bring thousands in attendance in larger markets. Out in the prairies/mid-western provinces, the draws aren't as large - but they are impactful, and Friday night proved it. 

It was also really awesome to catch up with the big homie Gully TK, and of course dope seeing Organik. From having conversations with them, I know that the entire squad takes what they do very seriously, and we all wish them the very best out here in Edmonton as they continue to tour the country and spread their brand.
It is truly a grassroots movement that started in a fields/alleyways/parking lots - and has grown to viewership in the millions. I want to give a quick congrats to them for the achievements they have made thus far. 

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Stripes - Banana Street [Official Video] by Cameron Barke

Stripes - Banana Street - Official Video

Here we have the official visuals for the newest road in Stripes custom built city. 
This track has been dubbed "Banana Street" - probably cause it is just THAT crazy.

There is not too much to say about the joint itself. 

It was shot by NathanReid Photography - up and coming photographer in the Edmonton hiphop community - and self edited by myself.

I hope you all enjoy. I am very excited for what is coming, and what has transpired in these last few months - I've been able to turn some heads as I continue to create the Gatekeeper project...

Keep your eye out for more visuals comnig from myself, as well the Gatekeeper album 
(release date TBA)

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Stripes - Banana Street [Teaser] by Cameron Barke

Stripes - Banana Street - Teaser

I have been working hard these past weeks, on both my upcoming "Gatekeeper" project (full length LP), as well I am creating my own city!
Apparently I am building a list of roads, if you have not noticed, and they are in the form of 2:00 minute long videos. (If you are curious as to what the rest of my city looks like, click here)

Set to release July 13/2014 - you will be exclusively able to travel along "Banana Street."

I believe the promo video above speaks for itself......
I will end it like this - I look forward to releasing what I am bringing to the table, and I thank you all for your continued support. 

Stay tuned. 

As well, feel free to share the above video/this blog post/or the photo below to help create a buzz for what I am about to drop. 
All I can tell you, is that this next video is something very different - I think you will enjoy. 

Dizaster Punches Math Hoffa by Cameron Barke

Dizaster Punches Math Hoffa @ BOLA5

If you are a fan of battle rap, I am most definitely certain you will know who Math Hoffa & Dizaster are.
Arguably the upper echelon of emcees in the battle rap community.
(I said arguably b/c diz is on his decline).

If you are unaware of the history here, I will briefly fill you in:

  1. Math Hoffa sucker punched an emcee he was battling named "Dose." Circa 2007 (roughly).
  2. A few years pass, and now he sucker punches legendary battle rapper "Serius Jones" @ URLs Summer Madness 3 in summer/fall 2013.
  3. While all of this transpired, Math and Diz were smack talking eachother. Sending threats that when they battled, Diz wouldn't hit him... etc etc.

So, now that you know the gist of the situation/background, let's dive into what transpired afterwards, and the ramifications of such actions.

It has always been almost a "no-no" or "taboo" to have physical contact during a rap battle.

Personally, I remember coming up in a time where even if you bumped the guy on his chest, you were disqualified... Main reason being, sometimes these battles get very personal, and anger/emotions may at times get the best of someone - and what may finally trigger a violent retaliation is a bump on the chest/tap on the shoulder/arm around the neck/yelling in ears/getting WAY to personal up in the grill... etc.

With all that being said, over a period of time, it has become acceptable for people to start touching each-other, for whatever reason, during battles. 
ie: pocket checks, Daylit to Pesci, Arcane boob grab... list goes on. 

It has now turned into a case, where it seems, violence on stage has now become accepted!

If you want to fight, do it in the back alley on your own time. 
If you want to battle, do it on stage in the proper setting. 
Mixing the two is a bad look for the sport to gain international mainstream buzz & advancing the scene as a whole. 

Take UFC for example - when it was abunch of mooks fighting eachother with no rules - they had no money/no fans/no following - take the primitive days of the UFC and polish it to a professional level with rules/weight classes etc... You have now built an empire.

These fights that are happening in the scene are hurting the chances of this industry to really make that mainstream media push.

Take for instance the Total Slaughter Event that is coming:


"Just had a potential sponsor cancel a meeting that I've been trying to set for months. Sure it won't be the last sponsor 2 do that this week"

This is Dizasters response via twitter, so far publicized, regarding the incident:


“I squared off with math and dropped him after all the commotion, if he lies his bitch......i fired on him he fell &i landed a gang of punches...Somone has the footage i fucked his ass up nobody was helping me....they saw that shit pussy ass bitchea..,he fuckin dared me i aint a bitch...Footage will come soon i fuckin dropped him and pounded him on the floor solo on everything i love...Hes been doin this to me for 3 years , im sorry i cudnt take it anymore he mentally fucked with me for years...He kept saying u wont do shit i dare u i dare u..,fuck u then u win some u lose some…”

What are your thoughts on the incident? Was it necessary? Is this a good look or a bad look for the league in general? How does this affect each battlers career? Is it positive or negative? 

Leave your responses in the comment section below! I would like to hear from you! 

Apathy June 20 - [review] by Cameron Barke

Apathy - Live in Yeg - June 20 - Review.

The show was MAD hype.
Great to be back in the circuit, seeing the heads in the crowd!
(since being on my trip, that was one thing I missed about being home).

I personally grew up listening to Apathy. My favorite joint back in the day was "Checkmate" - that was actually one of the songs that caused me to start rapping to be honest. 

I remember listening to that song, and just thinking how crazy it was someone could create such a dope track, about playing chess. (go figure).

Anyway, the show was awesome. Ap/Celph have been in Edmonton a few times, but the last time he was in - the promoter at the venue screwed everyone over, especially Ap/Celph, and they rocked a show with a Bruno Mars after party happening around them! LAME.

Apathy is a really dope, down to earth kind of dude, who really appreciates his fans. He stuck around after the show, and kicked it - which is rare to see these days.... 

The openers for this show, did a great job as well. 
It was a good turn out all in all, I hope you enjoy the little video I put together above, as well as the images below:
(photo/video credits to Nathan Reid)

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Mr.Mac - LeeAns Sxn by Cameron Barke

I know I haven't been posting these past couple weeks. 
I actually broke my ankle, and it has given me such trouble - literally spending so much time out of the studio/lab/booth/officespace etc... and spending it literally sitting in waiting rooms at doctor offices. (shoot me in the face!)

I've been 2 months stuck in a cast, it's literally going to be the end of me... 

Regardless of that, this past month has been a wild adventure. 
More dope music coming -
Ps: the big homie Apathy from AOTP was in town last night, and I was privileged enough to meet up with him! 
I will put up that story tomorrow (so stay tuned).

But for now, I want to take the story back to one of my buddies:
My friend Mr.Mac has been going HAM these past couple weeks.

Check out the new Mixtape of his named "LeeAns Son" 
I'll give you the link to where you can pick up the album by clicking on the image at the bottom of this post. 

The guy is making big things happen by sitting on kitchen counters rapping not giving an eff.
I talk to Tom on a regular basis, and things are moving along very well for him - honestly keep a look out as to what he is doing, cause it is only matter of time where you will see him under the big spotlight. 

Also, he got a tattoo on his forehead, there is no going back for him... 

Give this a share below on social media, and let's spread some quality music around from a Canadian making it happen. #bsharp on the come up. 

Stay tuned for tomorrows update on the Apathy Show! 

HipHop On The Ave - Inside Snippet by Cameron Barke

Every year, for the past, I do not know how many years, but Edmonton has been putting on an event called "HipHop In The Park." 

It is a local event where all of the artists from the Edmonton HipHop Scene can come to one location and kick it. 

Over the past years, the event has been a massive success! 
Beatboxers, Emcees, Graff & Bboys are all represented in stylish fashion! 

I was blessed to be apart of the event this year! 

Here is some footage I was able to capture among the event! 


Gratitude by Cameron Barke

So today, I am wanting to share with you a very important concept which I have been blessed to learn about over the last few years in my business career. 
That topic is, "Gratitude."

I am going to keep this short, and to the point.

Simply put, we in North America have so much to be thankful for! 
I have been blessed to be able to travel around to the globe, and see many different cultures, ethnicity's, lifestyles, religions, and creeds.
I have seen people living on the streets, and I met people who lived out of dumpsters....
I have also met people who drive Ferraris, and live fly on private jets.

I myself at a few points have been on the streets -  and I have also driven Ferraris. It was a very WILD experience. (being on the streets that is, Ferraris are nice too I suppose...)

What You Focus On, Grows.

This is an extremely important concept. 
Many people sort of bumble through life wondering why they are so broke, so tired, so miserable. Why no one loves them, why they can't find "the one," why they are lonely, and why they cannot excel. 
They focus on everything/every reason as to WHY something cannot be, rather than be grateful for what they already HAVE, and move forward from there. 

Like I said in the beginning, simply being in North America, is a step in the right direction. By default you are within the top 5% of the world in income, even if you are on minimum wage. 
Everywhere around is, is an opportunity to excel...

Now I know what you are probably thinking, "this guy is on some positive thinking bullshit... yada yada yada - Ive heard this before and it doesn't work."

I'm not really going the direction of positive thinking - it's tough to think positive when shit isn't going positive for you. When you are up to your eyes in bills, and just when you think you can't do it anymore, your car breaks down. Then after that, you get a speeding ticket in the mail from the month prior, and the credit card company blocks your card to pay for the repairs.... 
All I am saying, is what you focus on grows. All of that negative shit that is going on around you, should not be your focus. I know its difficult to not focus on it, cause it's slapping you right in the face - but really take the effort to focus the things/people/circumstances that make you happy. 

Here's an Actionable Activity To Help. 

Let's create abundance in your life right now!
I'm all about taking action!
It may seem stupid at the start, but please bare with me. 
This isn't my own exercise as well, I learned this from 'Jerry / Esther Hicks.'

So this is what we do, we buy a journal - preferably one with nice paper and a hardcover. 
Every morning, the first thing we do is write in this journal
Three things we are grateful for.
Those three things can be anything! Something as simply as my wife, my comfortable bed, and these breakfast I am about to eat. 
There are people in the world have none of those. No one who loves them, no comfortable bed, and no breakfast. 

By doing this, you will be attracting to you more of what you want, and repelling away what you do not want. 

Whenever you feel like life is slapping you around, what you do is simply go back to this Gratitude book - and overtime you will fill the pages with so many things that you have been blessed with, by reading them you can not help but put yourself in a better place!

I am going to cut it off here, I have a tendency of writing forever....
But, I hope this quick concept helps you achieve your dreams/goals! 

29 of the Dopest Paintings Ever by Cameron Barke

I lied, there are actually only 28 of em, either that or I can't count... Regardless, there is this Polish artist who goes by the name of Pawel Kuczynski, apparently he has been creating this form of artwork since 2004....
You can visit his website right here. (Trust me you want to!)
This is the type of stuff that makes you really think. (trust me, you want to think)
I came privy to this from a friend of mine who tagged me in a post, so I decided to share with you all! 
All these have some form of political satire to them, maybe satire is the wrong word, but they are exposing a truth through art. Its pretty sick! 
I hope you all enjoy, cause I love sharing this with you! 
If you enjoy what you see, please share with your friends! 

Hope you all enjoyed.
Feel free to share with your friends! 

Brian Aragon by Cameron Barke

Brian Aragon Going To Work! 

I know this video is like 10 years old, which makes me feel old as hell. 
When this came out I was like 17.... 

My goodness.  That sucks! I am going to have a midlife crisis very shortly now... 

Not to add to this one. Reason I shared is because I came across this again from a night of cleaning up the garage, and I came across my old pair of skates. 
Then I spent the night searching the interwebs for old skate videos... This Brian Aragon one stuck out for me! 

I wish I could go back to skating, but my ankle is so broken, I can barely put a pair of skates on without pain. 

I am going to dig through the archives, and see if I can scrape together some edits of myself. 
My old laptop got stolen which would have the footage on it, but I will see if it is backed up on other external discs. 

I hope you enjoyed this video of Aragon from back in the day. 
Reason I didn't post anything more current, is because this video is what motivated the hell out of me back in the day to push myself. Not only to push myself while skating, but also in the gym - simply watching someone who is at the top of the game will help you to achieve. 

Enjoi the video! Plus, the soundtrack is DOPE! 

Greatest Speech Ever Made - Charlie Chaplin by Cameron Barke

We think too much and feel too little

I know this has been around for awhile, but it came into my head the other night - and I listened to it many many many times, and had to share. 

It is a moving speech by the late great Charlie Chaplin.

I believe that our world needs to hear this:

Soldiers! don’t give yourselves to brutes - men who despise you - enslave you - who regiment your lives - tell you what to do - what to think and what to feel! Who drill you - diet you - treat you like cattle, use you as cannon fodder. Don’t give yourselves to these unnatural men - machine men with machine minds and machine hearts! You are not machines! You are not cattle! You are men! You have the love of humanity in your hearts! You don’t hate! Only the unloved hate - the unloved and the unnatural! Soldiers! Don’t fight for slavery! Fight for liberty!

I honestly cannot add any more to the speech.
I am once again sitting here speechless.
I have goosebumps, and am motivated to better myself everyday. 
I need to love more.
I need to fight to free the world. 

I really enjoyed where he says "The Kingdom of God is within Man. Not one man, nor a group of men, but in all men!"

We have the power to make this life free and beautiful, to make this life a wonderful adventure which I feel is such a powerful concept/message that our generation NEEDS to hear.

Even though this was recorded in 1940 - we now need this message more than ever. 
Please share!
If we can wake up one person, I consider that a win.

"Greed has poisoned the souls of men."

Swollen Members - Prevail Goes Bananas by Stripes

Oh My Goodness! 

Holy shit, Prevail coming off the top like that - is better than 99% of the writtens these people are coming out with. 

Shits getting serious these days! 
Damn Prev! Don't do em like that!
He literally just WENT THE F*#% IN! 

I have had the privilege/honor to share the stage with Prevail/Swollen many times in my day, and I have nothing but great things to say about him.

He is one of the most down to earth people in the spotlight I have ever come across. 
One word that comes to my mind when I think of Prevail is, "humble." 
At every show, he's always down to mingle with fans, sign autographs - even kick it beforehand. 

If you want to check one of his newest visuals - check out the Viceroy

I got nothing but respect for Prevail as both an artist and a person. 
He went to work on this one! 
Big ups Prev and Swollen! 


Amazing Jam Session Between 3 Strangers by Cameron Barke

Sometimes You Just Don't Know

It is circumstances like this, that gives me faith back into our world.
This, for myself, was moving. It honestly almost brought me to tears.... 
I love music, I live for music, and to me this spoke to my soul. 

Not very many artists have that effect on me.
You know, that effect where they can get your soul to move? 
I'm sure you out there have felt that through a particular song one time or another in your life... If that's not the case, I hope you find that feeling atleast once. 
There is something about organic music that reaches me in a way that others have failed to do on so many accounts. You can have all the multi-million dollar production, engineers, stages, and pyrotechnics - but you cannot re-create this!  

There was no money involved, no press (other than some cellphones), no autographs, no screaming fans, nothing - just a man and guitar, which spoke to another mans voice, and eventually another added. 
Truly beautiful! 

I have spent a decent amount of my time traveling the world, and have seen my fair share of buskers, which of whom are some of the most talented/deserving people I have the privilege to say that I know. From all of my experiences, this video right here, takes the top 3! I've been listening to this on repeat for a few hours now, so much so I felt the need to share it with the world! 

Tell Em That I Just Don't Know - Tell Em That I just Don't Know -Tell Em That I Just Don't Know - Tell Em That I just Don't Know -Tell Em That I Just Don't Know - Tell Em That I just Don't Know-Tell Em That I Just Don't Know - Tell Em That I just Don't Know -

I did a little digging for you, and I found that the artist on the guitar is a gentleman by the name of Jesse Rya. <---- Click There For More 
As for the other artists, they are unknown at this point. 

Share post to your friends and family who you think would appreciate quality, organic, heartfelt, soulfull music!